On Dec 11, 2018:

19AL63 replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 10:57 am
posted by Dr Winston O'Boogie

You can post whatever you like.  And no, I don't dispute the story happened.  My point is that with 350 million of us in this country, there will always be incidents of people doing crazy things, whether in the name of politics, religion, race, whatever.  Unfortunately we live in an age where it is easy to project every one of those people's actions to everyone.  We then read or watch these stories and start to believe they are part of some trend or movement or whatever the case and that they actually represent something significant.  


Most of our country functions just fine.  Differing views are what makes us great.  Extremists or nut jobs are not representative of the bulk of us.  Pasting these stories and making that suggestion is what I disagree with.  


On Sep 30, 2018:

19AL63 replied to "OSU Football 2018" at 12:45 pm

I really do not think this was all or even most of Haskin's fault.  This was Urbans game plan and it s really sucked until the eight minute mark and we had to throw it away and go to north south football and a lot less of the east west Urban plan.  By the way I really do think Burrows would have been a better choice for the starter but maybe that's why I am old and just a spectator.

On Jun 20, 2018:

19AL63 replied to "What are your hobbies?" at 04:08 pm

My wife says I make sawdust, but in truth I turn wood into things.  Have been doing wood working for years and find it to be the best. 

On May 7, 2018:

19AL63 replied to "OSU Football 2018" at 11:52 am

Maybe they think he could be turned into a  something  other than a QB because a QB he is not.

On Apr 20, 2018:

19AL63 replied to "Scheduling app" at 09:36 am

My wife and I use word of mouth to keep our schedules in order has work great for over 47 years  long before computers and fancy do all phones.

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Earl Bruce - The man that could show you the right and proper way to wear a hat.   Great coach did not like the time it took and plus other reasons was not a great recruiter, but the man could coach to win.

On Apr 8, 2018:

19AL63 replied to "What have you done that you're confident.." at 11:13 am

Got a ride in a 1967 427 Ford Cobra ( not a Mustang) the rare sports car. Flat out on a two lane highway 175 to 180 miles an hour. telephone poles looked like a wall. The year was 1967.  After all these years still the fastest I have gone on a public highway.  

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19AL63 replied to "Places That Annoy You (Excluding Walmart)" at 01:44 pm

I check on line to see if the store has the item.  I then call the store and ask if they would check and make sue they have the item.  After getting as yes answer on both ways I go to the store and they don.t have the item.  If this only happen once I could live with it but  I must be the unlucky one because more than once it has happened. .  The best one is you order an item and the store calls and say the item is in.  You go to the sore and they inform you they sold it to someone else.  Thanks Sears, Lowes, Home Depot and a couple of more.

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19AL63 replied to "2018 mid-term election" at 09:34 am

Here we are with a special election for Congress in Pa and just look at what is happening.  We have a D that sounds like an R and it looks like he might win.  To congress he will go and when he get there he will vote just like the D party tell him to. Why do we as a country think we need to have the opposing party in power of Congress so nothing gets done.  Just when the economy is looking, lets shut it down and wish things would get better. 

On Mar 2, 2018:

posted by Spock

i cant wai till they start acting like schools children snitching on each other in the playground.  I wonder who they are going to throw under the bus?  I hope its not a bunch of low level people. 

My guess is that Strok/page will be painted as rogue agents and they did all of it.  

You do realize the fact of Seth Rich being robbed and killed might just be enough warning that you do not want to snitch on anyone about what they did on the playground.  You too just might commit suicide or be robbed and killed.

On Feb 24, 2018:

19AL63 replied to "Places you've lived in Ohio" at 05:11 pm
posted by BRF

My sister lives in Avon Lake.  And thus the AL in your SC?

Graduated from AL in 63 , Have been back for a few football games and my 25th and 50th reunions.  The city has sure changed had less than 11,ooo Pop when I was there now around 23,000 if I am not wrong.  Lived not to far from the HS and a half mile from the lake.   Had several relatives that lived in AL all are gone now, Several of the books an AL history showed picture of my dad and Uncles.   In one  picture of the volunteer firemen the writer said they did not know what their names were.  Was a great town to grow up in.


19AL63 replied to "Places you've lived in Ohio" at 01:42 pm

Avon Lake 18   Went to college and forgot to go home.

Wilmington 4

Springfield 1

Cedarville 2

Jamestown 47 and no doubt the rest of my life.

I lived 7 miles from Sam's house and if OJ was innocent, I know Sam could not have done it.  

On Feb 9, 2018:

19AL63 replied to "Winter Olympics" at 10:14 am

They make to big a deal about figure sksting just like they do about gymnastics in the summer games.  I do not like most sports where judges scores  determine the outcome. 

On Jan 30, 2018:

A memo is coming!  A memois coming!

On Jan 24, 2018:

I am going to be patient and just wait a few days hoping that sometime next week we get to see all four pages of the memo.

On Jan 21, 2018:

19AL63 replied to "Sugar taxes" at 07:46 am

The problem I have is that most politicians do not give a ......... ( pick your bad word) about your health or even theirs.  Just look at their life styles, ,Their bodies fitness and the truth is they are just trying to find another way to get your and my money and at the same time make it that they can justify doing it,

In my life time:

Eisenhower - I was young, life was good and Ike should go down as one of our best Presidents ever.

Carter - Very moral and honest man. It was way over his head to be President.  Will and should always be considered one of the worst.

I have always though a man or the President could believe something to be true and have it turn noot to be and this man still can be a moral man,  I do not think a President that opens his mouth and knowingly lies is and can be a moral man. The most recent Presidents to do this that come to mind ( and they did it many times) Obama and Bill Clinton.

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Tide got included becasue of how good the pods taste, right?

On Jan 20, 2018:

19AL63 replied to "Disgusted with progressives" at 07:19 pm

Hasn't California aready had a problem with companies leaving the state for places like Texas and other lower taxing states?  I bet the moving vans will be traveling east load and empty on the return trips.

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I tell you my story.  When JJ shut down I tryed to join Chatter, they told me I was a member but it would not let me post. I tryed for months to get things corrected and then just gave up.  Came back a few days ago and It said I could post   Always thought maybe my reputation proceded me and they did not want a highly opinionated old man on the site.



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