On Jan 2, 2018:

vdubb96 replied to "OC Members....Personal Update" at 01:02 pm

Age 39

Job: parts/serv manager & coach

Married 15 yrs, with 2 kids.  Son 12 , daughter 10

On Dec 27, 2017:

vdubb96 replied to "Whisky thread" at 12:46 pm

Got a bottle of Glenfiddich 18 year single malt scotch from my bro in law. Stuff is potent!

On Dec 13, 2017:

vdubb96 replied to "Beer Snob Discussion" at 12:39 pm

Just scored a CBS. Pretty stoked!

On Dec 5, 2017:

vdubb96 replied to "Ohio chatter just died" at 02:17 pm

I'm just now getting on the new site. Wowza this is gonna take some getting used to.



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