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2012: 2.5 year starter. His sophomore year he was OK at best on a bad 3-7 team, his junior year he was just bad for some reason, on a 6-4 team (3 TDs, 7INTs, 600 yards, 46% completion) 

-played in run heavy pistol offense 

-RBs had 212 carries 


2014: 1 year starter. Was JV/Backup QB his soph/jun year

-played in I formation run heavy offense 

-RBs had 345 carries 


Strengths of QBs: 

2012: Arm strength, Athleticism (duel threat) 

2014: Accuracy, Football IQ (pocket passer) 


Passing stats: 

2012: 79/151-52%-1167yards-8TDs/14INT (116 QBR/59 Passer rating) (0/2 2 pt conversions) 


Record: (5-5) 


2014: 88/141-62%-1059yards-6TDs/5INT (132 QBR/84 Passer rating) 

(1/1 2 pt, clutch two point conversion w 1:00 left in game) 


Record: (6-4) playoff birth 


Rushing stats: 

2012: 114/290yards/2TDs/2 lost Fumbles/

(1 of the rushing TDs was a 1 yard QB sneak) 


2014: 23/-27/0td/0 Fumbles

(Ran wildcat in certain QB run situations)



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