On Oct 5, 2018:

TBone14 replied to "ALDS: Tribe vs. Astros" at 06:52 pm

Hey friends. Been a crazy summer for me. New job. Lots of travel. Busy as hell. 

But after the loss today I had to check in and hopefully get some good mojo going for Cookie tomorrow.

Go Tribe. Not giving up yet 


On May 22, 2018:

TBone14 replied to "What is your crowning achievement?" at 01:34 pm

Inaugural and now 2 time and currently reigning Head Shotz World Champion. 

On May 17, 2018:

TBone14 replied to "Products that are complete rip-offs" at 09:12 am
posted by Laley23

I know some friends who camp for a few days at a time. Being able to keep steaks fresh, beer cold, etc is worth it. Obviously not first use, but it’s going on about 20 trips now, so I’d say it’s a decent investment. 

Now, if there is one as good, cheaper, get it. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the purchase was poor at the time.

I know some guys who fish who swear by them. Can go on multi-day trips and not worry about losing any of the catch. 

On May 16, 2018:

TBone14 replied to "Tribe @ Tigers (Series Thread)" at 03:42 pm

Trevor Bauer= STOPPER. Give me the ball boys. I got this. 

TBone14 replied to "Tribe @ Tigers (Series Thread)" at 09:21 am

Need that guy who puts the videos to the "My Heart Will Go On" song to make us a montage of Bryan Shaw and Joe Smith. Speaking of Joe Smith, a quick Google search revealed that he is married to CBS sideline/baseline reporter and former Miss Teen Ohio Allie LaForce. Good for him. 

TBone14 replied to "Any summer projects planned?" at 09:16 am

Already ripped out my old deck last week, which the previous owners had neglected. Tentatively scheduled for the concrete guys to be out next Tuesday to do the patio. 

After that, will have to grow some grass and do some other landscaping projects to make it all look nice. 

On May 14, 2018:

TBone14 replied to "Sports Betting Thread" at 01:30 pm
posted by iclfan2

If it is "legal" in New Jersey, can you place bets from Ohio into that online sportsbook?

No. They will have location blockers setup. Just like I can't make a bet on the MGM sportsbook app that I downloaded and used when I was in Vegas while I am in Ohio. 

TBone14 replied to "Sports Betting Thread" at 01:02 pm
posted by iclfan2

You would think Gilbert has been trying to plan for this for awhile. I know it takes Legislation first, but shit he should have been lobbying them for years in anticipation.

It will be interesting to see what happens. Draft Kings and Fanduel already have announced they will be operating online sportsbooks. All the big hitters like MGM and Caesars Entertainment will be in the game. Despite not having properties in Ohio, I could see a company like MGM pushing an online product in every state and they would be in a position to offer rewards/comps that could be used in Vegas, etc. Most people think brick and mortar sportsbooks but the reality is that 80% or more of wagers will probably be placed online. Hell, I was in Vegas for March Madness and was placing the bets on my phone through the app instead of waiting in line at the sportsbook. 

Hopefully this isn't something that will have to go on a ballot because I could see Ohioans somehow shooting it down. 

TBone14 replied to "Sports Betting Thread" at 12:19 pm

Some places in New Jersey will be ready to take bets really soon. William Hill has been building a sportsbook at the Monmouth Park horse track and they are expecting to begin taking wagers within the next couple of weeks. 

Ohio sucks on this type of thing and will probably fall in the class of 'just before Utah' to legalize it'. 

I've already pulled all my money out of my offshore accounts well in advance of this ruling. Even the reputable ones have a risk of just closing down and you have no recourse. 

They say this will be the end of the street bookie...that is not the case at all. Unless these places start offering credit (they won't), there is always going to be room for the street bookie that will take a bet without cash upfront. 

Will be interesting to see how fast Ohio moves. There is a ton of money to be made but people are so stupid. How long did it take to get casinos? We are still way behind on marijuana. I'm guessing it will be another 2 years, at least, before you can make a legal sports wager in Ohio. 

TBone14 replied to "Tribe @ Tigers (Series Thread)" at 09:25 am

The Indians are 9-3 vs the Central. 11-16 vs everyone else. 

On May 10, 2018:

TBone14 replied to "What's your favorite animal?" at 09:19 am

Dogs but I don't think that is point of the question.

As for non-domestic animals, it is really tough to pick. So many fascinating animals out there. I've been catching reruns of Planet Earth and Blue Planet on BBC lately.

Speaking of big cats and athletes, have you seen the Planet Earth with the Snow Leopard going breakneck speed down a mountain chasing down a mountain goat? Incredible agility and balance.

I have a new found respect for Sea Lions. Saw on Blue Planet where 4 Sea Lions herded a school of Yellowfin tuna into a cove so they could pick them off one by one. These particular sea lions needed the meal badly because they were too skinny to mate and the lady sea lions only want to mate with the biggest, baddest and fattest sea lions. Sea Lions typically hunt alone but these dudes, all driven by the common goal of lady sea lion pootie tang, teamed up and had the feast of a lifetime. It was really interested. 

I've always had an affinity with Dolphins. The speed, the grace, the intelligence. Cool animal.


On May 9, 2018:

TBone14 replied to "Tribe @ Brewers (Series Thread)" at 10:47 am

We will be fine. Starting pitching is too good. Bullpen due for positive regression along with the bats. Once it's all together, we will rip off 8 or 10 straight and be right back on track. 

I wouldn't mind shaking up the lineup a bit, though. 

On May 8, 2018:

TBone14 replied to "Avengers infinity war - spoilers" at 10:47 am
posted by Laley23

Seems like bad planning by Marvel.

Anyway, I have a hard time believing they are all dead.

Everything up to this point has been coordinated and well planned. So I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt. 

And yes. I have a hard time believing they are all dead. I feel like the upcoming Ant-Man/Wasp movie is going to be in no man's land. It has to be set prior to the events of IW, otherwise they expect the audience to believe that none of the major characters happened to be in the 50%. 

I think Captain Marvel next year is going to be the key step up for Avengers 4.

On May 2, 2018:

TBone14 replied to "Avengers infinity war - spoilers" at 02:25 pm
posted by jmog

I agree with everything you said, but technically IW was Avengers 3, the next one will be 4...but only because they named Civil War a Captain America movie...

You are right. I had my numbers mixed up.

TBone14 replied to "Tribe vs Rangers (Series Thread)" at 11:10 am

Sure would be nice to have Bryan Shaw. Not sure why some celebrated his departure. He has a couple really bad outings skewing his numbers in Colorado but more or less, he is doing Bryan Shaw things, which we could really use right now.

TBone14 replied to "Avengers infinity war - spoilers" at 11:07 am
posted by jmog

Out of sheer curiosity I looked up some typical theater numbers.


It changes from opening week and from there week to week, but when averaged out the length of the film in the theaters, the studio gets about 1/2 and the theater gets about 1/2 of the ticket prices.

I read that Avengers: IW cost $320 million to make and another estimated $150-160 million in marketing, so nearly half a billion dollars total.


So, Disney will not make a dime on this movie until it hits the $1 billion dollar mark in global ticket sales.


It obviously should hit that number easy, as Avengers 1, Avengers 2, Black Panther, Iron Man 3, and Captain America Civil War have all hit the $1 billion mark.


I think it should easily hit the $2 billion mark but will fall shy of Avatar's $2.7 billion world wide mark. Thoughts?

Not something I follow but I would imagine it will go down as one of the biggest movies of all-time. 1st week- it's hard to compare to some of the other big releases that were done in summer or on holiday breaks. With the reviews of Infinity War, whatever they end up naming the next Avengers movies, coming out a year from now...that movie has a chance to break some records. 

I think if they opened Avengers 5 on Memorial Day weekend next year, it would do the biggest 5 day (Thursday-Monday) total in the history of film (not adjusted for inflation). 

On May 1, 2018:

TBone14 replied to "Avengers infinity war - spoilers" at 10:20 am
posted by jmog

Not a bad idea.


I have heard rumors that since Captain Marvel will be in the 1990s that it will have some back story on Thanos as well, maybe even Captain Marvel vs Thanos in his first time trying to get the IG. Rumors rumors rumors though...

I have heard that about the Captain Marvel film, as well. The pager Fury used to send a message to her seems like it would validate those rumors. I'm wondering how they are going to handle this Antman/Wasp movie. Is it going to be set in it's own little world or after half the population has been wiped out? No matter what, it's sure going to feel like a letdown after Infinity War. Seems a little out of place in the chronological order but I trust it will be entertaining regardless. 

TBone14 replied to "Avengers infinity war - spoilers" at 09:34 am

I agree with you on Thanos. He was a great, great bad guy. Not that stark-raving lunatic that every other Superhero movies seems to have to deal with. He was a little deeper. More calculated. 

I'd like to see a Thanos spin off movie. A Rogue One type of film, showing what Thanos was up to this whole time behind the scenes, culminating in the attack on the Asgardian ship, right where this movie starts.

TBone14 replied to "Tribe vs Rangers (Series Thread)" at 09:29 am
posted by Laley23

Can someone tell me the Tribes success rate in Sac Bunts this year? Like, not just is the rate awful, even when they get the bunt down successfully, it doesn’t lead to runs. They need to just stop. It’s awful.

According to Baseball- Reference, the Tribe have attempted 7 sac bunts and successfully gotten 5 of them down. How many of the 5 have led to runs? I cannot find that. 

On Apr 30, 2018:

TBone14 replied to "Avengers infinity war - spoilers" at 03:54 pm
posted by jmog

Kids were crying at the end in my theater.

Didn't notice it in my theater but it was mostly teens/adults at the 5:10 show on Friday. My neighbor went to a Sunday matinee and said kids were crying left and right and his 5th grade daughter was crying when Gamora died and his son held it together until Spiderman vaporized. Much like this forum...Avengers is Serious Business. 



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