On Jun 11, 2021:

Spock replied to "CNN.. Fake News or lazy?" at 05:35 pm

Nothing the Left wing media does is out of bounds

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A minimum global tax is dumb af. Punishing small nations for providing tax havens? Fucking compete with them. 

On Jun 10, 2021:

Spock replied to "Guess the distance please" at 05:27 pm

seems like the upper part of the video said it 423'

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John Wayne have a gay brother?

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The dude on Newhart

Larry, Darryl, or Darryl?

Spock replied to "Disgusted with the Biden administration" at 05:21 pm

Just another hollow fucking conclusion from these cluster fuck countries that none will follow and we will end up footing the bill

On Jun 8, 2021:

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posted by justincredible

This person claims to be a professor. 

Can't be a professor .... she used female pronouns

On Jun 7, 2021:

On Jun 6, 2021:

Spock replied to "2021 PGA Tour Thread" at 12:05 pm

For the PGA to wait till he finished his round, and then did it on live TV is a fucking joke.

THey just violated the Federal HIPPA rules.  Why didnt they go get him when they found out?

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Rahm having to not play is fucking retarded. 

On Jun 2, 2021:

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I mean, the discrimination that happened in our past is atrocious. Period. Non-negotiable. But I refuse to feel this white guilt bullshit that this administration is hellbent on pushing onto us. At this point, just stop talking about how bad it was and do something to make it right. Give free education to all descendants of the victims of Greenwood, do something else, stop talking and trying to widen the divide that this shit put into place and try to help the recovery even though we're 100 years even acknowledging what happened.

On May 28, 2021:

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posted by Al Bundy

She looks like the women who come to my shoe store.

You take her to the buffet.

On May 27, 2021:

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posted by gut

If biological girls can and did compete in boys wrestling, then there should be nothing wrong with transgender males competing against other biological males.

I can't remember what the Olympic committees have said about this.  I do know, at that level, athletes will do crazy things to compete.  Remember a survey years ago, not long after the Ben Johnson scandal, and something like 75% of athletes would take a supplement with a significant risk of DEATH in 10 years if it helped them win. 

Girls wrestled with boys because their was no sanctioned girls wrestling.  That changes next year with OHSAA sanctioned girls wrestling season.  We will see if a boy decides to cross over and wrestle with them.

On May 26, 2021:

Spock replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 01:16 pm

embarrassing to virtue signal for a terrorist group

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posted by BRF

Dick Pound......nice

Ya know, I actually know a guy named Dick Beaver and another guy named Dick Seamen. 

Sounds like you know Dick well

On May 25, 2021:

Spock replied to "Mask Prediction..." at 01:24 pm
posted by QuakerOats

Deep state media will be doing pretzel twists.

To think Orange Man  was right ... yet again

the media is spinning this in 10 directions right now if you watched the past few days

On May 20, 2021:

Spock replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 01:00 pm
posted by ptown_trojans_1

I have not come across that level of hostility with it, as I just try and be respectful of others. As I said, no one seems to care in my industry or professional setting. 

Woke lol. No, you are just sounding like every other previous generation complaining about the younger ones. 

Here is where you are completely an idiot.  Woke culture cannot be taken serious because EVERYTHING comes off as hostile except for the WOKE people when they want to label people.  If you cant see that then you need to take a seat in the back of the room

On May 19, 2021:

Spock replied to "The WTF thread..." at 11:10 am

Spock replied to "Covid-19 discussion, continued..." at 11:08 am

So Fauci and the US government paid for gain of function on Covid?  Sent the research to Wuhan and paid for it?  THen was part of the coverup when it all went bad?



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