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On Feb 21, 2024:

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posted by ptown_trojans_1

Can we all agree, wtf Alabama on your embryo ruling? Total screws up IVF facilities. 

Having lived there for six year, I have zero surprise.  A state that goes all in on one party like this inevitably gets turd juice quality governing.

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posted by QuakerOats

The Religion of Radical Environmentalism is looking more dangerous than the Religion of Peace. 

While I don’t disagree that radical environmentalism is the same as a religion, it’s got a long, long, long way to go before it gets to even think about being in the same league as the death tolls from Christianity and the Religion of Peace.

On Feb 18, 2024:

Dr Winston O'Boogie replied to "The dark thread" at 12:10 pm

Good luck to you. I’ve never had that experience, but I can imagine feeling like you do. One step, or one day at a time seems like a good philosophy. It sounds cliche, but it’s very appropriate in tough situations. Sometimes one hour at a time is helpful. 

I hope you can get outside too.  Going for a walk in the fresh air helps. 

And by all means - stay away from the booze when you’re feeling this way.  That stuff will unleash the demons if you’re in a weakened state.   It may have its place during other times, but when you’re down, it is poison of the first order.

On Feb 17, 2024:

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posted by gut

You're going to be all proud of yourself when finally get an electric vehicle, and then they'll come for your tires!

Seriously, have you guys ready anything about particulate matter in cities from tires breaking down?  Between that and the micro plastics in our bodies humans are already well on their way to becoming synthetic.

Plastic bottles hurt blacks worse.

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posted by iclfan2

They have to just be trolling at this point. Man dressed up as woman explaining how climate change is affecting blacks disproportionately. 


This is like an SNL skit from years past.  This man is seriously mentally ill and is pushing some preposterous theory that blacks are more anxious than whites about climate change.  

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posted by justincredible

My name is Justin.

Hi Justin.  My name is Doctor.

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West side of Cleveland - probably 3” with more falling. 

On Feb 16, 2024:

Dr Winston O'Boogie replied to "The dark thread" at 08:43 am

I try to remember that there are people who love me no matter what. 

I stay far away from alcohol as that will compound these feelings exponentially. 

I make a gratitude list  


I wish you well.  Maybe you need to see a doctor or counselor as well - no shame in that.  

On Feb 10, 2024:

Dr Winston O'Boogie replied to "Disgusted with the Biden administration" at 02:02 pm
posted by Heretic

While I would agree that regular people lacking in medical training might not be qualified to use their observations (or anecdotal evidence) to say an old person's memory lapses are a sign of dementia/Alzheimer's, I would say that, especially when talking about a leader's capacity to rule, the eye test just might be more important than it would be in determining whether Trump or Biden would be the best Wal-Mart greeter.

And when one of the two front-runners to be our next president (who happens to be our current president) is an 80+ year old man who seems to struggle with naming current world leaders as opposed to deceased former ones and kinda, sorta has an oops about when his own kid died, that's an issue. As is it when his projected opponent, who would be his current age in four years, confuses Nikki Haley with Nancy Pelosi, thinks Jeb Bush was the architect of the former military action against Iraq and feels the key to us beating the Brits in the Revolutionary War involved controlling airports.

But, hey! That's our country; where ancient fucks stay in office until they're dead (Feinstein), even if they occasionally lapse into comas while talking (McConnell), because we're too stupid to actually nominate/vote based on actual merit and instead keep these olds in power because they're the incumbent and that apparently means they deserve their place as long as they want it and can't be challenged within their own party because that breaks some super-important unwritten rule. It'd be nice if we, as a people, had the intellect to realize that since those assholes never will agree to personal term limits, we could enforce term limits on them via the ballot box, but nah, let's have a big-time election between two addled, cranky old bastards and give the winner the controls to the country for the next four years! What can go wrong?!?

Well stated  

On Feb 9, 2024:

Dr Winston O'Boogie replied to "Disgusted with the Biden administration" at 05:00 pm
posted by like_that

Gridlock is always the way to go. 

It's not ideal, but it's better than an elderly man with memory problems or a cult of personality narcissist making impactful choices.

Dr Winston O'Boogie replied to "Disgusted with the Biden administration" at 12:22 pm

I think Gut's "divided gov't" point is accurate.  A divided executive/house/senate is a good way to prevent either of these two from doing much damage.  

Dr Winston O'Boogie replied to "Disgusted with the Biden administration" at 10:13 am
posted by gut

The irony is all those people that held their nose and voted for Biden to block Trump, only to possibly have Trump get a 2nd term, anyway, AND 4 years of Biden.

That's a real shit-sandwich.  But, as they say, we get the politicians we deserve.

There's plenty of irony all the way around.  

On Feb 8, 2024:

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A man who should be in assisted living vs. a sociopath. What a choice!!

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I know what you’re saying is true.  The millions of assholes humble bragging sometimes clouds my judgement.

“So honored to work with this awesome group of volunteers at the Boston homeless shelter while in town to complete my Harvard Fast Track Executive Workshop For Tomorrow’s International Leaders at the HBS.  Always great to take time for the truly important things.”  #grateful #ivyleaguenowbitches

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I guess I have to stay on there for recruiters and all.  One article I read is that if you have a profile, you  need to maintain it to keep you "brand" relevant.  That sentence alone is vomit-inducing.  

I can live with keeping it open but not reading the feed.  The posts I read are often from people I thought I liked, but are perhaps douchebags in reality.

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posted by Automatik

All time high is all time high. WIN.

What about the new Nucor plant that just opened in Kentucky?  Was it the result of many years of work by the company, union, local gov't people?  Nope, it was accomplished by Biden one day last spring?  

Does that sound silly?  That's he same argument QO used to credit Trump with any positive manufacturing news during the period of 2016-2020.

On Feb 7, 2024:

Dr Winston O'Boogie created thread "Linkedin" at 08:44 pm

I will start by saying I loathe LinkedIn. I’m not on other social media, but LI embodies the worst aspects of all SM. I think the fakeness, the false enthusiasm, the fake optimism and the stupid business speak threaded throughout at horrible.  I almost always feel worse after I’ve looked at it than before I started.

I’d like to leave it.  But it almost seems like if you aren’t on there, it’s considered like you’re trying to hide or are somehow harming your brand. 

Anyone shut this lunacy off?  Any negative repercussions they didn’t expect?

On Feb 5, 2024:

Dr Winston O'Boogie replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 12:17 pm

My questions still stands: What is the issue with Taylor Swift and the NFL?  I don't know anything about the connection and was curious to get an explanation.

On Feb 4, 2024:

Dr Winston O'Boogie replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 08:22 am
posted by gut

Kind of feels like that other "HUGE" right-wing conspiracy about the pizza parlor.

The Left is pretty good at mining the depths of the internet to find 5 incels making bad jokes and using that to characterize 45M Republican voters.

I heard this stuff from Vivek - the guy who was competing for the Republican nomination.  I didn’t know the reason he and a bunch of his followers were up in arms, so I thought I’d go to an authority figure.

On Feb 3, 2024:

Dr Winston O'Boogie replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 07:34 pm

Quaker, why are your people all wigged out about Taylor Swift and the NFL?



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