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On May 20, 2022:

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posted by QuakerOats

Down 15% from the 52 week high.  Nasdaq down 30% from the 52 week high.   Disastrous. 

Worse yet, there will be no change in the policies that brought us this collapse, so there is no hope for recovery. 


I guess we all go find a bridge then.  

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posted by superman

That fucking idiot still thinks it's 2020


On May 19, 2022:

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posted by friendfromlowry

Yes, and it sucks.

Also, Saban is such a whiny asshole. “We were second. They were first because they paid players.” 🙄 Like anyone outside of Tuscaloosa believes Bama is anymore clean than the rest. 

Agreed.  I doubt any Power 5 school is squeaky clean.  Saban is mad about not getting the top class and losing the NC.  

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Fireworks today as Saban accuses Texas A&M of “buying” all the players in their vaunted recruiting class.  Fischer responds that Saban better be careful going down that rabbit hole (I agree) because A&M “didn’t pay anyone” to come there (no one believes).

Is this a preview of the future of the sport?   

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Gotta love the age of google….

4/31/20: No one on here knows shit about baby formula supply chain.

5/19/20: People on here trading arguments based upon the most minute details about baby formula supply chain and it’s gov’t oversight. Usual suspect is as condescending as ever to those who disagree with his point.  

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posted by justincredible

That would be funny if it weren’t so sad and true.  Criminal how that war was started and no different than what Vlad’s done - except against a weaker opponent not backed by the rest of the world.

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posted by Heretic

You're part of the mindless. Hope this helps.

Today’s winning post.  

On May 18, 2022:

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posted by Laley23

Paraphrasing... "I dont even know if I want the LIV to succeed. But I am joining because we need changes made to the Tour. Maybe this will get the gears going. A new option for players with more money will force the changes we need the tour to make" 

Extortion seems like a string word for that.

But I see your points.  Since I wasn’t looking forward to watching the gallery fawn all over Phil this week anyway, I’m glad he’s not there.  

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posted by Laley23

Those guys are debating leaving. Phil slammed the tour, how they operate, wanting changes to be made and called Jay a dictator and tried to extort the tour. It is not in the same realm as Rickie basically saying "I suck now, might as well go to LIV with worse players and make money". 

How did he try to extort the tour?

I see your points.  I’m just surprised at how big a deal it’s been.  

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posted by Laley23

Talk shit about the tour, the tour probably gonna do everything in their power to keep you out, which is what’s happening.

Coupled with the fact none of the players like him, and then he tried to take money away from them…not really a whole lot of reasons for him to even want to play.

I know the tour is mad at him, but why aren’t they then similarly shutting out Sergio, Westwood or even Fowler (who has left the door open to his joining the Saudi venture).  Those guys aren’t persona non grata the way Phil is.  All Phil did was say about the Saudis what everyone already knows.  

I just am not getting it.

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posted by jmog

The problem with your whole argument is that the spending is also swinging by hundreds of billions with each percent. Which is my whole point of the comment, jacking around with the tax rates does not move the needle where it needs to go to match spending no matter where we go with tax policy.

The spending has to come down relative to GDP period, since we can’t make the tax revenue go up significantly with respect to GDP, it’s never been above 20% in the last 70 years of tax policies.

Just admit - for a first - that someone successfully pointed out a flaw in one of your zillions of opinions.  JFC you are insufferable on here.  

On May 17, 2022:

Dr Winston O'Boogie replied to "2022 PGA Thread" at 04:38 pm

I have never personally liked Phil Mickelson. But I can’t understand why the fallout from his comments is so severe and that he is choosing to not play in majors.  I feel like I’m missing something here.  Yes, the proposed cash grab from the Saudis was a bad look considering how Saudi operates.  But it wasn’t like he threw away his American citizenship to become a Saudi citizen. Athletes and celebrities whore themselves out for a living.  I guess I just can’t understand why this rises above the level of “dumbass Phil put his foot in it.  So what.”  

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I’m afraid of doing this. I’ve settled into a lifestyle where I eat only breakfast and dinner. Generally decent stuff, but I seem to be able to maintain my weight and eat two pretty full meals.  MeUsuring makes me nervous in that I may have to make some changes I won’t be happy about.  

On May 16, 2022:

Dr Winston O'Boogie replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 04:29 pm
posted by jmog

Margaret Sanger was staunchly for abortion for all black and brown babies and was the founder of Planned Parenthood.

I know she was a starter of planned parrnthood  She was against abortion, so she’s not a good example here.

On May 15, 2022:

Dr Winston O'Boogie replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 07:20 pm
posted by iclfan2

Imagine living in one of the most violent cities in America and you voted for this idiot. 

She’s as stupid as the fucktards that do want books like that or Maus banned.

I don’t want to live in Chicago ever.  I feel the same way about anywhere I’ve ever visited in Texas.

On May 13, 2022:

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posted by QuakerOats

Not a fan of Greg Norman, at all.

He’s choking on this current issue like he did to Nick Faldo - in grand fashion.  

Dr Winston O'Boogie replied to "Progressives, part 3..." at 10:36 am
posted by jmog

That question was already asked and answered earlier on this thread.

So your position is we should keep killing more black and brown babies? That’s kind of the original intent of PP and Margarette Singer and rather racist.

I think Margaret Sanger was staunchly anti-abortion.  Not that I care, but if so, she’s a bad example for your argument.

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posted by sportchampps

Also Quick note before today I had only been to the memorial. The Bryan Nelson is much more a “party tournament”. I think their goal is to be like Phoenix. On the 17th for example the stands were blaring music so there was no point in asking the crowd to quiet down. It was 95 and 100% sun today no clouds to be found. 

That seems to be a trend at certain events.  The Memorial will not go down this road for sure, but I can see others doing it to attract spectators.  Like other sports, the TV experience in golf is really good, so there has to be creativity in maintaining attendance.  Same situation college football is facing  

On May 12, 2022:

Dr Winston O'Boogie replied to "2022 PGA Thread" at 04:30 pm

I’m not one to worry much about the stability of the PGA Tour, but I do think Greg Norman needs a PR firm badly. IDGAF if there is a Saudi sponsored tour.  Those guys that play for the Saudis - they have to live with themselves and that’s their business. I can chose whether or not to watch it.  But Norman’s characterizing the Saudis executing that WasPo reporter as “we all make mistakes” is a WTF.  Phil, Sergio and Norman are not the most likable trio of all time. 

Dr Winston O'Boogie replied to "Disgusted with the Biden administration" at 04:07 pm
posted by QuakerOats


Reductions in marginal tax RATES always result in more tax REVENUE.  Unfortunately the federal government always SPENDS even more than the higher revenues.  They literally outspend the significantly higher revenues every single time.  The deficit could easily be overcome with just a little spending discipline.  But without a balanced budget amendment, it will never happen. 

It’s all play money when in the government’s hands, so it really doesn’t matter.  We’ve been getting scary stories about government debt since Reagan was around.  After 40 years, it is numbers on a spreadsheet to anyone paying attention.  Not saying it doesn’t matter, but that ship sailed a long time ago.  It is not to be equated to household debt, which is real.  



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