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BR1986FB Senior Member
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Wed, Sep 14, 2022 8:23 AM
posted by birddog23

That was me.

For a beginner or someone without great levels of strength - I'd recommend avoiding machines. In my opinion and experience, the 30-60 minutes you are spending in the gym can be better utilized with barbells, dumbbells, kettle bells, or body weight. But definitely more than one way to skin a cat. If it works for you, great!

On a side note, and humble brag, at 31 years old I was able to move 320lbs for 4 reps back squatting fairly well yesterday morning. 

Definitely not moving weight like I used to in my early 20's but as a dad with 2 kids and a full time job and life now - I will take it!

I agree with your comments about someone just starting out. In that case, I'd start out with the basic compound moves with barbells/dumbbells then graduate to machines when one becomes more advanced. You want to build a strong base before moving on.
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Wed, Sep 14, 2022 9:06 AM
posted by Zunardo

Anybody here develop golfer's elbow, and if so what changes did you make to working out?  Not sure if that's what I have, but it came on over a month's time, really weird pains deep inside elbow  and radiating up the biceps, even though there's no pain in the tendon itself.  Really starts to hurt after a set of curls.  Read somewhere to keep your wrists straight during curls, and that helps out immensely.

tennis elbow band helps. Forearm exersizes makes it go away. 

justincredible Honorable Admin
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Wed, Sep 14, 2022 9:14 AM

Another 5:30am workout today. Deadlifts was the main lift. Good mornings and hanging knee raises for the additional work. I did use a machine for the good mornings (because I hate them) and it was great.

This is a video of the machine. I like that there is a qr code on each machine linking to a youtube video on how to use them. This is the owner of the gym we joined.

friendfromlowry Senior Member
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Tue, Sep 27, 2022 3:41 PM

How’s the workouts been going Hulk(Justin)? 

justincredible Honorable Admin
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Tue, Sep 27, 2022 3:42 PM

Halfway thru week 3. I am getting stronger but still weaker than a 13 year old girl.



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