Online Car Buying (Carvana, Vroom, etc.)

birddog23 Senior Member
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Wed, Mar 3, 2021 10:48 AM

In the market for a vehicle. Noticing a lot of lower prices being offered from the online companies that offer delivery nationwide.

Has anyone had experience buying from Carvana, Vroom, Carmax, etc?

Obviously, the no test drive and not being able to physically see the car is a negative - but the price difference may be worth it.

(If anyone is selling an SUV, w/ 3rd row, and under 65k miles - let me know!)

Automatik Senior Member
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Wed, Mar 3, 2021 12:48 PM

I've heard good things about Carvana (buying and selling), especially regarding their inspection prior to selling. 

I'd probably not go with a car that I'm not familiar with. If going with something new to me and I was set on test driving, I'd just search local for something similar and test drive it for the hell of it.



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