Happy Thanksgiving. What are your plans today?

justincredible Honorable Admin
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Thu, Nov 24, 2022 9:45 AM

Happy Thanksgiving to the 4 of you. 

I'm in charge of the ham since I have several in the freezer from a butchered hog or two. Kinda winging it so I hope it's good.

Dr Winston O'Boogie Senior Member
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Thu, Nov 24, 2022 9:48 AM

Hosting mother-in-law today with traditional turkey dinner and then down to Columbus to see my family tomorrow and for the weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving to you guys.

Ironman92 Administrator
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Thu, Nov 24, 2022 10:28 PM

Went to my dad and step mom’s and about 20 combined family members…including my mom, dad’s ex wife

majorspark Senior Member
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Thu, Nov 24, 2022 10:57 PM

Big family gathering at my aunt and uncles country cabin.  Great weather, kids out fishing, the sound of ATV's buzzing about, a fire by a giant 20ft rock,  several different turkeys.  Its a feast of traditional classics to new additions as the family has grown.  All from two people born 90 years ago.  Grandpa has been gone for the last few.  Grandma is still with us.  Good talking with her. Much to be thankful for.  My grandparents were the best.

A lot has changed since I was a kid and Grandpa asking white or dark with a single turkey and something in his hand resembling an electric bush trimmer.  I grew up on land originally owned by my great grandparents, much of which has now been sold off.  Times change but memories are timeless. Lots of laughs with the cousins who knew the "spots".

friendfromlowry Senior Member
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Fri, Nov 25, 2022 5:03 AM

Worked Wednesday night, slept a few hours Thursday morning, went to in laws then my parents. My in laws are already a challenge on a normal day where I sleep okay and it’s not a holiday. 

3/10, would ideally not do again, but will do something similar at Christmas. 

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Fri, Nov 25, 2022 9:50 AM

Mom hosted 20. 

Mom, dad, sister, wife, our 2 kids. 

Aunt, uncle, 1 of my cousins from them, her husband, their 2 kids 

Aunt, uncle, cousin from them and her b/f

Then 2 family friends

In the morning 9:30-11:30 we always have a Turkey bowl, but with every getting older and then the kids not being old enough, it’s more get it to them and let them score. Then we morphed to the more age appropriate competitive paddle tennis. After 3 screwdrivers, I still took it down with a 5-0 record. Of course, everyone else I was playing with and against were 2-4 drinks in lol.

After that we head inside/home depending on locale and watch the lions find a way to lose. 

Dinner was at 5. Supposed to be 6, but my mom has a double oven and went to set the top and instead jacked up the Turkey on the bottom 75 degrees. LOL

Heretic Son of the Sun
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Fri, Nov 25, 2022 11:01 AM

Was at my mom's for the afternoon, then went to a friend's for drinks after that. Which has been what I've done the last handful of years.



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