Contact tracing

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Sat, Apr 11, 2020 7:43 PM

Figured this would get political, and also maybe deserved its own thread.

What are opinions about Google/Apple providing data for contact tracing to alert people of potential exposure to covid-19?  GPS on most phones is supposedly accurate to within about 25 feet, which is almost ideal but in practice it's double that - people that show right next to each other could actually be up to 50 feet away.

I don't know if people would accept this, but then I wouldn't have expected the quarantines to go nearly as well as they have.  I'm just not sure how we go back to work without a resurgence unless we can contact trace.

The flip side, given how many asymptomatic carriers there are and the fact that you are contagious for up to a week before symptoms, is there may be a very small benefit relative to the invasion of privacy.

Then imagine if they did this.  So someone in NYC tests positive, and had unknowingly been riding the subway infecting people for a week and a half...How effective is contact tracing going to be?  In that scenario, tens of thousands exposed and potentially thousands infected.  Lockdown the city every time a single case pops up?



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