Conspiracy thread

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Mon, May 22, 2023 8:59 PM

Going back to Bush Jr. He not only increased the surveillance state, but also left multiple open ends that would allow it to be manipulated into something much larger than the stated intention. And so now we all have to contend with the neocons and the shitlibs taking full advantage of it. Yet, despite all these people filling their pants about muh right wing extremism!, we have the dems being exposed as the real manipulators of it. All this time they've been screeching about all of the ists and isms, it all comes back to them. 

The past few days I've been looking into the Durham Report and watching some CSPAN. As much as I like to say that the Dems are good for what they think are bright ideas but awful managers - this really has been strategic brilliance when you think about it, hasn't it? Because they have managed the Alphabet Entities and the media with such aplomb that large swaths of people have thrown aside any critical thinking in order to make the choice into believing all or most of it. 

The problem now is that those people are so far into it that it will be extremely difficult to let their beliefs go at this point. And we all know that the repubs are so inept that they won't be able to chip away at it with any effect. 

What happens now? Where do we even go from here? 



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