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Back to school give-a-way at the ballpark?

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Gonna hit 'em with some jury nullification if I get the chance.

Yeah, let that "civic duty" stuff for somebody else.

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What did he do?

I saw Votto missed tying the record by inches in the 8th. 

2 outs in the 9th inning….4-3 lead and Hembree pitching (8 saves in July….most by any Reds pitcher since Aroldis Chapman)….initially he didn’t look great but battled and struck out 2 straight batters and lefty Dominic Smith coming to the plate….but Smith hits lefties way better than righties….Hembree who looks the part is a righty and settled into this game. Out if nowhere he come David Bell from his nap and brings in a lefty….a sucky lefty in Sean Doolittle. Doolittle give up a hit and game is tied.

He replaced one of our top relievers that k’s two straight batters with one of our bottom relievers even though the analytics he loves tremendously said to use a righty vs Smith….with 2 outs in the 9th

The smartest man in the room was the dumbest person in the stadium.

Wining streak over and momentum halted fir zero reason.

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What is he actually doing to save lives? 

My kudos were for the Biden administration showing some empathy and acknowledging the loss of 500,000 plus lives.

Much better than Trump's statement, "It is what it is."

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Kudos to the Biden administration for taking time to honor the 500,000 plus lives lost due to the COVID 19 virus. 

The lighted candles, words of comfort and the flags being flown at half staff is a humbling reminder of the terrible loss for our country and families.

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I don’t give a shit about the day to day stuff coming to my mailbox. Most days all of it will go unopened to the trash. 

But every once in a while I’ll order something and USPS and end up waiting weeks for it. I ordered something from Columbus and it’s been waiting for the USPS pickup since the 11th. Just fucking useless. 

We mailed Christmas cards from Ohio to nieces in Houston and one in Phoenix on Dec14th. The one in Phoenix received hers in late January and the one in Houston received hers 2 weeks ago.

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Jesus...this guy has never even checked in for the job.  Who is answering the phone at 3am?  Not this old man that goes to bed at 9pm

He isn't glued to the television for the better part of the day listening to idiots on Fox? 

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I would like to see how that ended

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I have to admit, the Biden admin is seriously lacking in the new presidential metrics. 12 days in office, he is behind  the Trump regime by 737 lies.

Dude’s gotta up his game 

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For sure.  Tax dollars are getting to travel with each student (which they do in public schools anyway).  But now private schools are gonna get rich. 

You think private schools want inner city kids in them? U haven’t been paying attention. If they don’t want to live by you they definitely don’t want you in a classroom with their child. Good athletes and maybe some handpicked students at best. 

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You do realize that the evidence that the courts wont hear is overwhelming?  Statistically impossible that Biden won.  

The courts in this country are just as political as the media.

Your key word there is "evidence." I believe the Justice Department (Attorney General Barr) stated otherwise. Christopher Krebs, who led the federal government's cybersecurity stated "no evidence" that the election was compromised.

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Sometimes I wonder why you even pretend to be “neutral”.


Let me be generic then.

The officials from the White House worked with both houses of Congress on a bill.

After the bill was passed by both chambers with each side giving on issues and White House involvement,  the President then decided to alter his own position from his own White House to threaten to veto the bill after it was passed. 

His own staff did not know of this change, nor were any members of Congress of his own party in the loop. 

Now, you tell me what I got wrong. 

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Go beat this.

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Thanks President elect Biden! 

Am I doing it right? 

You mean there might actually be U.S. infrastructure plan on the horizon?

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US steel orders on the rise

Increased demand has US steelmakers scrambling to keep with orders as hot-rolled sheet steel prices have doubled to $900 per ton, according to S&P Global Platts. The resurgence in demand "caught everybody off guard," according to Todd Leebow, CEO of Majestic Steel USA.

Full Story: The Wall Street Journal (tiered subscription model) (12/14) 

Thanks President elect Biden! 

Am I doing it right? 

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Will the new jerseys help them play any better? Asking for a friend!

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Is that why Astrazeneca is just a few weeks behind?  And, um, didn't Germany fund Pfizer's R&D for the vaccine?'re getting in the way of his stupid partisan talking points that are, at best, only tangentially connected to reality!

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Giving Cuomo the Emmy is on par with giving Sadaam the peace prize

On par with Rush Limbaugh receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

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Excuse the mess, but here it is in my office:


Comfort-wise, it's pretty good. I can sit in it for several hours without getting up without any issues. All back problems have pretty much ceased.

If you do decide to order, use this link (you get discount, I get credit):


If you are still interested in a movable desktop, my neighbor and her late husband started a company called ERGO desktops several years ago.

You might check them out. 

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So he thanked them after they changed their vote. What am I missing. They didn’t change it after he called them.

The revised vote is when they voted to certify after not certifying. They haven’t voted to not certify.  They want to rescind that revised vote. So you’re saying Trump called them to thank them after voting to certify? And you and qq want people to believe captain quid pro quo just called to thank them for their service after they voted to certify? 



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