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China should get the vaccines last. 

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I don’t understand the extreme hyperboles you guys speak in

“Powerful force” lol wtf we said masks work, THATS ALL. Powerful force? Fuck off

America: Where all one has to do is strongly suggest to do one thing of, at most, minor inconvenience to most people to receive a laundry list of complaints, "well, actuallys", self-justifications for not doing it, dumpster diving the Net to find any sources that contradict the suggestion, sarcastically over-exaggerating the worth of it and so on.

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posted by justincredible

Glad to hear from you, FFT! Glad I took a look at the database the other day and saw your stranded account. 

People are coming back - that profit chart is going to take off like a rocket!

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I don't envy all of you parents who have to deal with this shit right now.   This is a good time to say fuck China, and remember this is China's fault.  

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Stuff might be broken for a while. Just an FYI.

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posted by ptown_trojans_1

Oh. Well for 1. Don't pull out of it. 2. Dangle the idea that we will increase funding or grants if certain reforms are achieved. Work with European allies to block any attempts by China to strong arm certain things and pledge to walk back/ reform the issues we have learned from the last 6 months. Right now we are just abdicating American leadership on it and walking away instead of working to fix the solution. It is not easy, but needed. 

If we are going to fund it, why not just create a new organization that looks out for American interests? 

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posted by Dr Winston O'Boogie

I didn't personally agree with Dr. Acton.  But I don't think she deserves the vitriol she's received.  She's a public health expert.  She was asked for her input from a public health perspective.  She gave that.  It is/was DeWine's job to balance that with other perspectives.  Instead, he paraded her out everyday which essentially made her the "bad guy" when people didn't like his decisions.  Again, I didn't agree with her assessments.  But she did what she though best when she was asked for her advice.  The fact that we all know her name like we do is evidence that DeWine hid behind her.  

Perhaps he "paraded" her out because he thought people would listen to a medical professional about a deadly, highly contagious virus. Instead, people decided to whine and cry about masks and go to her house with guns. 

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posted by ptown_trojans_1

I mean if you are all for China's view of the world and their view of communism spreading more and more then yeah not sure why you should care....

You do understand they're already in China's pocket, right?


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I absolutely HATE how people cannot have a single opinion, or they are labeled a racist.

No issues with what Brees said. I am one that would not "protest" during the national anthem or any moment that is supposed to honor the country, military, etc. That doesn't mean I'm a racist. Disagreeing with a "protest" during the anthem doesn't mean one is a racist. One could just think there is a time to honor, and it should be left at that. It's okay. If someone wants to "protest" during the anthem, so be it...I won't be.

I support the protest that is happening now, but I don't support the looting, rioting, and damage that is done to all the innocent it's been done to. I don't support how several law enforcement officers have responded to peaceful protests. It's ridiculous how certain sides have come out and said "if you are silent, you are part of the problem." Just because I didn't change my Facebook or Twitter to #blackouttuesday doesn't mean I do not support the current protest and it doesn't mean I'm a racist.

The "blasters" who are out there trying to get everyone continues. I think it was posted on here about the cyclist who "assaulted" kids in Maryland. People are out trying to "out" him. Turns out several have put up wrong identification. Idiots. Ahhhh. I'm done ranting. Sorry.

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posted by friendfromlowry

Nerdiest frat I’ve ever seen. 

Also what’s with the fat jokes on iclfan? 

The rest of the forum grew up over the last 10 years, S&L seems stuck in his early 20s for some reason. 

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posted by Ironman92

300 at a wedding is ok in June but 2 months later please no more than 12 kids on a bus

Its arbitrary.  Fear has set in. The ability to control is ripe for the picking. Even some staunch libertarians are falling in line.

The idea that kiddos can't live their lives because grandma and grandpa might get the plague is selfish.  If your fear is so great stay away.  My wife and I have liberated ourselves from our children and grandchildren being a sponge for the virus and so have our elderly parents.  When my son comes home from Chicago I am going to give him a big hug which I admit I was scared to give him the last time he was home.

Fear will no longer trump my grandaughter laying on my chest while I read a book while she lives the life we all enjoyed as kids. 

By the way I wonder how many are troubled by crowds gathering and not worried about the teenage kid dropping a handle full of ketchup packets in their takeout bag.

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It’d be interesting to see that play happen in the NBA now but substitute Harden for Jordan. Where would he flop back to? Half court? Other side of the court? Locker room? 

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posted by thavoice

WHen you say most stadiums, you surely cannot say that NFL/MLB stadiums are used that often.

I feel dumb trying to get this back on track...

But to respond, maybe not MLB. Though lots of them host concerts and winter wonderland type things. Plus 80 (or more) games a year. Most are probably easily over 100 events.

NFL is much more. I’ve been to Lucas Oil Stadium 12x. Only 3x for a football game. They host basketball all the time, HS games every week, the combine, concerts, etc.

Dallas is very similar. Atlanta the same, but even more because they share with the MLS team. These stadiums are used year round. Outdoor isn’t even much different, but yes they are probably used less than the domes/arenas. 

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posted by SportsAndLady

Lol, aww you’re jimmies a bit rustled because I called you out on the other thread. Ya hate to see it. 

The guy who let quaker and cc break his brain leading him to cry and leave this site for over a year is talking about jimmies rustled.  More irony.  Do you actually have anything of substance to dispute gut or are you going to be a typical crybaby bitch and avoid an actual valid point (per usual) by talking about gut's cock?  I think gut can be smug and we have gone H2H, but he is clearly running laps around you.  You should stick to trolling quaker and cc.  

Cue S&L's response with no substance and nothing to back up anything he says.  Typical crybaby bitch behavior. 

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posted by birddog23

What’s the odds the Dems get the $2k /month stimulus deal to go through?

0%? Last i read republicans were going to pass on continuing to hand out money. That deal was nuts anyways. Why does a 16yo need 2K a month?

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We're going over to a friends house tonight to hangout with with a small group (6 total, including us) for the first time in a while. Hopefully we still know how to interact with other people.

We're also both taking Friday off and will likely take advantage of places being open for outdoor dining.

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I asked this 20 days ago.  With the info we have now, what is your barometer for being able to open back up?  

Available hospital beds.  To me, that was always the concern.  When the virus' behavior was less well-known, the lockdown was to prevent hospitals from getting inundated.  Now that we know that this is not going to happen - in fact we weren't even close, we can and should open up across the board.  Those who have health issues should do what they must to stay safe.  

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posted by MontyBrunswick

one could argue that the sitting president who also "grobbles" for media time isn't acting like a president. 

I think we can all agree that most of the issues around the current president stem from a corrupt media.  

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posted by Spock

once again not the point. 


Former president shouldnt be blasting away about anything on national TV.  Not the norm.  Not what this country needs.  He had 8 years to form the government to be able to handle these situations but failed to do so.

Trump followers cannot have it both ways. Trump has bitched about Obama at his rallies and via tweets for almost 12 years - and lots of it while Trump was in office. Trump says horrible crap about whoever he wants and then he and his followers act like they're hurt beyond repair whenever anyone says anyone says anything critical back to him. 



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