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Checking in. Hope y’all have some nice downtime with fam this season. 

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I got it Friday evening. Dumb move. 

I was a total waste on Saturday and most of yesterday. Just extremely tired, achy and chills. Exact same sides from shot 2. Glad that's over with.

Sounds like just getting the virus might be better

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I know how the immune system works and what a vaccine is supposed to do.  Either this is not a true vaccine in its definition or its the worst "vaccine" ever made.

I don't think you know any of that.  The vaccine for Covid is actually extremely effective as far as vaccines go.  If you don't want it, fine.  But just because you don't want it doesn't mean it's a "failure".  

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Wasting your time explaining this to him.

I know how the immune system works and what a vaccine is supposed to do.  Either this is not a true vaccine in its definition or its the worst "vaccine" ever made.

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All this and you are still a coin flip on actually getting the thanks.

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All this and you are still a coin flip on actually getting the thanks.

Of course you are a coin flip. What were you expecting? I am sure there is a vaccine out there that actually keeps you from getting a disease. But that is not how 99% of them work. A vaccine doesn't magically keep someones cough cells from entering your body. You aren't walking around with an invisible forcefield that only activates for certain diseases lol. 

You get the vaccine because when you are infected, it fights it off quicker, more effectively, and reduces your risk of symptoms/bad symptoms. All that inherently reduces — significantly — the spread of the virus/disease from you to someone else.

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you all need to go get an antibody test 4 weeks afterward too see is these shots even do anything

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Nice! I just signed up for the text message thing you posted back then. I've purchased from that website a few times with satisfaction but wasn't aware of that text option.

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The Departed for me. Easily my favorite film.

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sign professionals giving health advice proft when youre sick office

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I have an Ego with the larger battery for a quarter acre of grass and love it. This is my first season after previously using a Honda with standard engine. The Ego battery lasts >2 hours without charging and charges in 25 minutes from 0%. Much better at mulching, extremely easy to clean (can just roll it over) and store. Also is self-propelled with a thumb button, with I didn’t think I cared about but it is a pretty nice bonus. 

Not sure what other questions you might have but I would buy it again. Don’t currently need any other tools but I will buy Ego for the battery-swapping moving forward. 

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Prepare for schools to be shut down again, because for some reason we don't have an approved vaccine for kids yet. 

This doesn’t make a difference for schools this fall, but fwiw, we’re anticipating approval for the 5-11 year age group by mid-September. I think the hospital where I work was the largest Pfizer enrollment site for the Phase 3 trial. 

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Maternal grandpa

HS cross/track coach and chem teacher

Random HS substitute teacher who told me that I was too smart for the career path I had planned

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Reading through this thread was a nice little memory trip. Who was the guy that bragged about hooking up with a bag lady (or something similar) who may or may not have had an intellectual disability?

I'm still around but tend not to use the internet much in my spare time, aside from scrolling Instagram. I get on about once a month, click into some threads that sound interesting, post once, and then get distracted by some chore or another.

The March Madness pick em usually draws me back in for a few weeks.

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My wife (had COVID late April last year) has to have minor outpatient procedures about every 2-3 months for Fibromyalgia.

Every time she has had one since COVID really got going she has to be there early for this reason. They do a COVID test AND a COVID antibody test.

Even though they KNOW she had COVID (positive test as she worked in the medical field) over a year ago.

Her COVID test comes back negative every time. 

Antibody test results...

According to the CDC/FDA anything >1.0 is enough antibody to fight off a COVID-19 infection, or at least make it so mild you wouldn't really know you had it.

When they first used antibody tests as a proof of COVID cases, they were using anyone with a >1.4 as a positive case, now that is anyone >0.8.

The first time my wife had an antibody test at her hospital after having COVID her antibody test came back at 95 (point something, can't remember). 

Over the last year and a couple months (she has had at least 6 tests/procedures) it has dropped down to 47.7 as of June of this year (1 year and 2 months after she had COVID).

I know this is anecdotal, but I am REALLY interested in ANY studies on a more general population of people with KNOWN COVID positive tests and at least moderate symptoms (not asymptomatic) and what their antibody levels are 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, etc after their infection.

We were made to believe that the antibodies would only last 6 months, my wifes are still WELL over the threshold to fight off COVID infection 14 months after her infection...and she didn't get the shot, so that is just from the initial infection.

She has another procedure in a couple weeks, which will put her 1 year and 5 months after infection. I will fill in where her antibodies are with the newest test I am sure she will have to have.

Antibody response reporting varies by site, lab, and test. Without knowing the units and type of measurement of the 0.8 - 1.4 numbers to which you're referring, I'm assuming that it's U/mL of the spike protein. Because of known variations from test to test, neither the FDA nor CDC has, to my knowledge, ever weighed in on how to interpret these results. The FDA certainly wouldn't; it's not within their scope. They would simply validate the use of whatever thresholds the specific test manufacturer establishes (or reject those thresholds).

There is no clinical evidence to support any claim that a certain threshold of this value is "enough antibody to fight off a COVID-19 infection". That data doesn't currently exist and probably never will. We can measure the level of circulating spike antibodies and circulating neutralizing antibodies, but using it to predict clinical response is not possible without further scrutiny in a lab.

If we're simply using anecdotes, both of my in-laws had symptomatic COVID in January and have antibody levels measured every 1-2 months for plasma donation. Both dropped to "undetectable" levels (both IgG and IgM) in July. They may still have T-cells that might mount a response if exposed, but those aren't measured by antibody tests.

There is no need for anecdotes, though. There are many studies that have examined the durability of COVID antibody response following infection, including those stratified by symptom severity. Here's the most recent high-quality study of which I'm aware: This showed durable antibody response at 7 months. Here's the longest follow-up period (12 months) of which I'm aware:

The duration of antibody response means nothing if we're not measuring binding activity. Coronavirus is traditionally a seasonal virus, and we have plenty of evidence that antibodies against other Coronavirus variants (pre-COVID) last 12+ months. The problem is that mutations in the virus (e.g. delta variant and beyond) may diminish the value of those antibodies.

This is, in my opinion, the most telling study available about the value of antibodies: They mapped out 3800 COVID variants (99.6% of all possible variants) and tested the binding activity of antibodies against the possible variants for subjects with both vaccine-induced antibodies and natural antibodies. After 3-5 months, patients who received the vaccine had antibodies with activity against 80-99% of possible variants (mean ~95%). Patients with natural antibodies had acitivity against 30-98% of possible variants (mean ~81%). So the vaccine is working against a greater portion of possible variants at 5 months, and vaccine-induced immunity is likely less susceptible to erosion by vaccine mutations.

All this to say, if your wife's antibody binding isn't measured (I recognize that there is no way for the general public to have this performed), then there's no way to determine that the antibodies which are present would even be effective against whatever variants are currently in the community.

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May be an image of text that says 'You're welcome CLE. Now you'll never unsee unseeit. it. BREAKING NEWS BREAKING NEWS'

Even looking at these side-by-side I can’t see a similarity.

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Biz Markie

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I have a tendency to get stingers in my neck when going up for dunks or layups in basketball, even with no defender. The stinger isn't painful, but I always end up with a stiff neck for a few days. Occasionally, the pain from moving in the wrong direction while I'm sleeping after that is an 8/10. I've been lucky to have experienced nothing more serious.

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Damn, I would've been in high school and in the NAC, playing Southington often, at the same time as the victim.



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