On Jul 14, 2020:

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Was 29% in Boston for a few years, renting. 

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posted by ernest_t_bass

Aren't league games still happening? 


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But Blue Jays gotta go. They pick on other birds and eat there eggs. Sometimes they even drive the birds out of the nest, then take it for their own and hatch the eggs themselves

Blue Jays are assholes, I support this.

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But Blue Jays gotta go. They pick on other birds and eat there eggs. Sometimes they even drive the birds out of the nest, then take it for their own and hatch the eggs themselves

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I'm a horrible cook, but I would take my chili over any I've had elsewhere.

I would open it and use it the best I could to make sure my family isn't left in a shitty situation (mentally, financially, other) as a result of the timing.

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I'll sign up for Laley's list.

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posted by Spock

Could you imagine the Biden economy getting hit with this?  It would be ten times worse.

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As a young kid, I wanted to be an artist (painter/sketch artist). Don't know how my mom kept a straight face when encouraging that.

Then after a few years of elementary school baseball, I decided I would play for the Indians. 

From middle school through freshman or sophomore year I wanted to be a high school math teacher and coach.

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The worst part of all of this to me is that most agree that Kentucky was going to be one of the better SEC football teams this year, for the first time since I've been a fan.

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How can I delete OTHER’S posts? For example if I hate what they have to say because it’s so dumb and I want it gone. 

Tysm for your prompt attention to this question. 

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Another security tip, if you're a gmail user. 

The following emails are all the same as far as gmail is concerned, but are all different as far as any website or mailing list is concerned.

Basically, a single gmail address can receive email from essentially an infinite number of different addresses. This is useful for filtering spam and segregating your inbox. Say you want to signup for an email list, add a +whatever at the end to denote where you're signing up. This gives you insight on whether or not they've sold your info, as well, if you start getting random emails to that address.

Didn't know this, but it raises a few questions. I use Gmail and my address is

For about 5 years I've received random emails that had been sent to

Some were receipts for large purchases, some were work contracts (the guy is apparently a firefighter and has moved states once during this time), some were personal emails, but the addresses on file are usually consistent, and the last 4 digits of the credit cards used for payment have never been related to mine.

Does the guy just give people the wrong email address by accident, or is this shady? I've responded to a few emails that seemed important to let them know I wasn't the intended recipient, but I've never recevied a reply.

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Our hospital has had expedited testing since at least 6/1 (that’s the oldest email I have) with guaranteed turn around time of 2 hours. We reserve them for high-risk patients (e.g. direct ICU admission, urgent surgery, maternal/fetal) to reserve supply, but the technology is definitely available. Baffling that it isn’t widely available, but I suppose there’s a large component of capitalism involved. 

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We use curbside now at King Soopers (Kroger is parent). They give us a 2 hour pickup window, I think, and it's been ready everytime by the front end of that window. I'm not positive because my wife has always gone. She also runs in and grabs the frozen items herself at that time.

TBH, font size seems huge on desktop (Chrome, Mac), too. But the site itself looks clean; strong work.

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Hit 5 years last month. Will hit 10 years together in the spring.

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How much of it was due to the danger being overhyped and how much was due to the precautions actually working?

That is the ultimate question.  I think the only way to answer that is to antibody test large portions of people to actually find out how many people contracted it.  It has already been proven that millions of people likely had it with zero symptoms....that means herd immunity works better then masks and shutdowns.

On May 12, 2020:

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one could argue that the sitting president who also "grobbles" for media time isn't acting like a president. 

I think we can all agree that most of the issues around the current president stem from a corrupt media.  

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How many would you like?

once again not the point. 


Former president shouldnt be blasting away about anything on national TV.  Not the norm.  Not what this country needs.  He had 8 years to form the government to be able to handle these situations but failed to do so.

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It's the idea that he is going to chirp about presidential decisions about something that he screwed up.   And also you made my point about total deaths...if corona is so deadly and Trump messed up.....why dont we have more deaths?

How many would you like?



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