Ghislaine Maxwell trial

justincredible Honorable Admin
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Mon, Nov 22, 2021 12:03 PM

I'm interested to see what comes out of this trial. Could be a lot of big names implicated. I'm honestly surprised she hasn't been Epstein'd yet.

gut Senior Member
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Mon, Nov 22, 2021 12:13 PM

There's been a lot of smoke around Prince Andrew.

I think they'll avoid naming anyone.  And if she had any dirt, she already would have traded it.  But maybe "suicide" wasn't a fair trade.

I'm sure they have all the records and already know everything she would know.  They either don't have a case against any big names or, more likely, will look the other way.

BR1986FB Senior Member
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Mon, Nov 22, 2021 12:34 PM

Also surprised she hasn't been Clinton'd, I mean Epstein'd.

Fletch Member
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Tue, Nov 23, 2021 12:13 PM

nothing burger

There is no way the prosecution will open pandoras box to the defense for exploration of evidence and witnesses outside of a few minor figures.



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