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Tue, Dec 12, 2017 9:16 AM

New thread.


  • Tue, Dec 12, 2017 9:25 AM

    Today is the day for USSF presidential candidacy to come to a close. We'll know who will officially be running and who won't be.

    In a couple of days we'll possibly know news of MLS expansion.

    Tue, Dec 12, 2017 10:46 AM

    What's going on with the Crew these days? I remember seeing a while back that they were threatening to move the team to Austin. Is that still a thing?

    Tue, Dec 12, 2017 11:37 AM

    Yes, they are pretty much gone. The only thing to save them may be the State of Ohio's "Modell Law". A profeesional team can't leave the state without giving six months notice and offering to sell the team to local buyer's. The owner won't negotiate with Columbus city officials and the MLS commish seems to be reluctent to step in.

    Tue, Dec 12, 2017 2:02 PM

    The Crew drama will be on-going through 2018. Austin is pretty quiet.

    Thu, Dec 14, 2017 7:36 AM

    8 of 9 USSF presidential candidates have been confirmed by USSF Board of Directors. Those 8 will be announced once all background checks have been passed. That's the latest update.

    Not sure who the odd man (or woman) out is. One possibility is Paul Lapointe.

    Thu, Dec 21, 2017 8:10 AM

    No surprise, Nashville announced as 24th MLS franchise.

    Supposedly, next franchise will be announced after the New Year. Potentially have the next two after announced by start of first kick in March.

    Fri, Jan 19, 2018 8:12 AM

    MLS SuperDraft today. Here we get to see what kids get strung along and don't get a chance in an aging league that is the worst at getting young players opportunities.

    Sun, Feb 4, 2018 1:29 PM

    Crazy/awesome/WTF ending of Liverpool/Tottenham. 

    Tue, Apr 10, 2018 4:36 PM

    Roma with a stunner

    Tue, Apr 10, 2018 4:52 PM

    That sucked. Barca looks as bad as I’ve seen in years. Just awful.

    Sat, May 26, 2018 4:10 PM

    Fuck me, Gareth Bale.

    Tue, Jul 10, 2018 11:24 AM

    Cristiano Ronaldo is now with Juventus. 

    Tue, Jul 10, 2018 11:27 AM


    Tue, Jul 10, 2018 2:21 PM

    I don’t remember a player that good playing for 3 teams all while in his prime. Usually it’s an original (Sporting) then maybe 2. Maybe.

    Tue, Jul 10, 2018 3:58 PM

    Lukaku, Hazard, De Bruyne, M’Bappe, Griezman, Giroud and fucking Samuel Umtiti gets the only goal to send France through to the final. Lol.

    Fri, Oct 12, 2018 3:14 PM
    posted by OSH

    The Crew drama will be on-going through 2018. Austin is pretty quiet.

    Supposedly the rumor today is that there is a group that Browns owner Jimmy Haslam is part of that plan to purchase the Crew and keep them in Columbus. I don't follow the MLS but thought this was interesting.

    Fri, Oct 12, 2018 3:21 PM

    Official announcement of the latest developments in #SAVETHECREW at 4:15pm today.

    Tue, Oct 23, 2018 1:22 PM


    Thu, Oct 25, 2018 2:45 PM

    I want to go to the Crew home finale on Sunday, but won't be happening now. Not until the SNAKE is out of control 100%. Nothing announced about that right now. #SaveDTheCrew

    Thu, Mar 21, 2019 8:51 PM

    Anyone watching the USMNT tonight? Some of these dudes are horrible. Arriola and Morris playing horrendous. Zardes ain’t much either.